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General Questions


Is Everything on this website free?

Yes! Everything on this website is absolutely free of cost. Nothing on this website has, is and will be charged. Even though we have maintenance costs to cover, the love of chess supersedes all of this.

Can I become an admin?

We have been asked this question a couple of times. Although we would like to have a strong community due to privacy reasons and the increasing number of cyber attacks these days, we would like to retain control. However, participation from the community is totally acceptable.

How many times a month do you post blogs/videos?

Although we try our level best to post as much content as content as possible, this is not feasible. We value quality over quantity. The answer varies between 1-2 blog posts per month and 1 video per month. We ensure that you get the best resources possible.

Where can I make contributions?

If you wish to donate, you could donate to our Paypal or Bitcoin Address. However, if you are unable to donate you can help us out by sharing this website with your families & relatives.

When are the webinars hosted?

We conduct one webinar every 2 months. This is to ensure that everyone has a thorough understanding of the intracacies of this game.

Is there an option to play chess with an engine/person over here?

There is no option to play chess with an engine or person over here. This is because due to the low traffic at this website compared to Lichess.com & Chess.com. These two are good examples where you can play with other people & engines (Stockfish 11) as well.

I still don't improve by the strategies/techniques mentioned here. What do I do?

To claim this technique works for all is just a sheer lie. Although this technique is successful and has bagged success for many people, it may not work for some. This is when I recommend a different strategy. You have to play more games and analyze for 15-20 minutes with concentration. This is your best shot at improving your rating.

Let’s Read Together!¬†

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