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Our goal is to make chess the most widely played game in this planet. Although this may be overly ambitious, this is the right estimate looking at the amount of effort and dedication put in this website. This blog is just a by-product from the youthful exuberance of a 16 year old. I hope you will support me in this journey which I have undertaken.

Why Choose Us?

Tactics Trainer

This feature of our website helps the user to strengthen his/her chess skills and helps to make them stay in form. Think of it like not skipping leg day!


Excellent Videos

POur detailed and comprehensive videos which mainly cover opening theory or previous past games helps the user to get a more better fundamental understanding of this marvellous game.


Real Time Discussions

Our webinars helps us to get in touch with you and quells any queries which might be troubling you. This strengthens our relationship and helps me make my content more user-friendly.

Strong Community

Through the comment section of the blog and by my contact details, we have created a strong community where one helps each other. This ultimately just brings added benefits on the table.

Curated Blog Posts

Our professionally and hand-picked blog posts develops and cultivates the right thought process for the user. A plethora of topics are written about in the blog and it is regular which improves the overall experience for the user.


Our website can be easily navigable and can be used from any device making it possible to retain important chess information anywhere. Through unique SEO settings, we also make ourselves at the top of your search results which makes it more accessible.

Our Focus

We want to make this chess journey of yours as best as possible. For this, we have accumulated a plethora of resources for you to have continuous improvements. Our focus is to attract as much attention as possibe because we want to strongly build awareness for this beautiful game. Our entire website is based upon YOU. So only YOU can help us out by sharing this website with your family and friends.

  • Excellent quality blogs
  • Webinar Service
  • Top Notch Videos

Let’s Read Together!¬†

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Start reading an article or blog post today to enjoy the pleasures awaiting in this magical and mystical world of chess.

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