Why I do this? 

From childhood, I have always had a fervent fear to teach. I used to make videos as a childhood hobby, but now I realize that the time & energy should be kept solely to chess. Hence, this blog which is for promoting the awareness of chess and as a channel for transmitting my energy and time into something useful

My Key Strengths

Clear Teaching Style

Discplined Schedule

Strong Work Ethic

Good Time Management Skills

I can’t believe how fast my rating has improved!”

These were the words I heard from a young 8 year old whom I had recently just taught the foundations of chess.

I couldn’t even believe myself. This 8 year old had just consumed a substantial amount of knowledge from the basic rules of chess to playing out kinght and bishop endgames. I mainly thought this was due to his innate talent which was false. The 8 year old himself told that this was due to my quirky yet impressive teaching style. That day I realized that if I had such grace and style, I should probably share this with the world. If You Can‘t Explain it to a Six Year Old, You Don’t Understand it Yourself” ~ Albert Einstein. 

Let’s Read Together! 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Start reading an article or blog post today to enjoy the pleasures awaiting in this magical and mystical world of chess.

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