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May 12, 2020

Today we will be talking about the funny banters and roasts of the legend Anish Giri. If you don’t know, he dominates the entire twitter game and make sure to follow him on twitter.

The following tweets have taken me hours to find and this is fresh original content brought to you guys so enjoy. Share this article on twitter with the #roasted tag and mention this article in the comment. I want to see whether he would react or not.

1) I would like to start of with the most recent one, where he mocks Magnus Carlsen in a funny way.

He says, “In wake of the World Championship qualifier, someone appears to be more nervous than all of the 8 candidates put together! (Hint: it is not me or MVL).”

However, Magnus Carlsen doesn’t take this light-heartedly and unleashes his roasting power by replying, “Come on, that is just weak. Win a tournament for the first time in your life, and maybe people will start taking you seriously”. Ouch, that’s probably a bit too hard Magnus.

And John Bartholomew replied with the perfect meme to describe this situation.

2) The next tweet occurred during the Berlin Candidates 2018 when it was publicly known that Anish Giri who would be helping Kramnik, Carlsen made the following tweet:

“So supposedly @anishgiri will be seconding Kramnik during the candidates. Before Tata (an unbeaten +7 with just a few draws for Vlad) this would have been a clear cut case of “if you can’t beat em, join em” Now it’s rather “if you can’t draw em, join em”.

And Anish giri roasted magnus with his 3000 IQ joke:
“I guess this deep joke only makes sense in Norwegian?! Or maybe I am just too tired from all the work on the openings”.

3) Just look at the devastating consequences of interrupting Anish Giri.

My man, Anish Giri definitely has a sense of humor. How dare Maurice Ashley interrupt him with the so called breaking news. Maurice Ashley now definitely needs to develop a cure for Covid-19.

4) Anish Giri with his sarcastic remark to Agadmator

Anish Giri makes sure he leaves no stone unturned. His tweets have even targeted Agadmator, a passionate youtuber who has the largest chess community on Youtube.

Anish Giri says, “Finally some quality content from agadmator” with reference to agad’s video of ‘Worst Position in Chess History’.

5) Anish Giri and Fressient Laurent’s exchange of tweets.

Anish Giri responds to and Fressient Laurent’s tweet about his new video by saying,

“Glad he covers the structure without the dark squared bishops, but does @MagnusCarlsen also show how to deal with the venomous Nc3-a4-b2-d3-e5 plan? (Bonus points for those who get the reference.)”

Fressient Laurent then replies with this witty remark,

“When you can’t brag about your plus score in classical games anymore, brag about some random blitz game you won! (old russian proverb)”

And Anish Giri all ready with his lethal weapon injects it straight at Fressient Laurent. He posts a photo with a caption which you should see yourself.

He then says that, “Notice the stinky cheese in the right bottom corner. Ze frenchman is probably still salivating”. What a blow.

And you might have guessed it, Fressinet Laurent didn’t reply. He always make sure that he is the last one in the conversation and leaves no room for the other person to answer. Truly a savage.

And this was the end of today’s article. I have messaged Anish Giri on Twitter asking him to roast me. If he responds, I’ll add it over here as a bonus roast. Let’s go spam his twitter.

And before I end this article, let me share a meme which I just recollected off-hand about Anish Giri. Something which really made me go ROFL. And so, I present to you the meme of the decade.

Happy Learning,

Yash Mehta

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